Getting out of Poverty & Creating Wealth with Dr. David Rhoiney
Episode 463rd June 2020 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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How do you get out of poverty, create wealth, and be financially independent?

Poverty doesn’t only involve money. It is scarcity in different areas of life - time, relationships, education, spirituality. Being surrounded by poverty as a child is enough reason for anyone to persevere and push through in life. Being in dire circumstances can push anyone to do whatever it takes to get their foot out and create a better life.

How do you emerge from this and create wealth in all areas of your life? How can you persevere despite your circumstances?

Learn how you can break free from the crutches of poverty as we talk about the incredible story of Dr. David Rhoiney who persevered through poverty and is now a surgeon, software developer, entrepreneur, and investor!

Get inspired and empowered by his journey and find out how he broke free! He talks about life as a homeless child, the value of financial knowledge and continuous learning, and the importance of perseverance and hard work.

You don’t need to have everything - expensive cars, houses, and all the things but you deserve to live comfortably and feel secure.


>> D Rhoiney’s journey from being homeless as a child to becoming a DO

>> What is perseverance?

>> How D Rhoiney develop fortitude in the hardest and lowest points of his life

>> Making the conscious decision of becoming financially independent

>> How to persevere in life despite growing in poverty

>> Money conversation and becoming a surgeon

>> The value of financial knowledge and learning from others


>> David’s Social Media

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