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Taming the Sabertooth with Tracey Grove
26th March 2019 • Unlocking Greatness with Ryan James Miller • Ryan James Miller
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A high-performance coach specializing in leadership effectiveness, Tracey Grove helps executives from diverse lines of business all over the world deal with individual and inter-personal issues, communication challenges, and organizational shifts. She is a highly sought after speaker as well as the author of a brand new book, Taming the Sabertooth.

In this episode of the Exsellence Mindset podcast, Tracey and I dig deep in how we “tame the Sabertooth”, how people become great leaders, and the tools necessary to deal with difficult situations and conversations.

Some highlights:

  • Dealing with resiliency and leaders
  • The humility required to overcome challenges
  • How to work with leaders that are difficult to deal with
  • Ensuring your values as an employee align with the values of the organization you work for
  • Following leaders that lead from the heart

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