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Dan Abrahams on building FinTech company CurrencyTransfer in Israel start up hub - MAF164
Episode 16421st March 2018 • Marketing and Finance (MAF) Podcast • Roger Edwards interviews great people from Marketing and the world of Finance
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Dan Abrahams on building FinTech company CurrencyTransfer in Israel start up hub - MAF164

My guest this week is Dan Abrahams, co-founder of CurrencyTransfer.

We talk about how he decided to move to Israel to take advantage of Tel Aviv's start up culture, how he built CurrencyTransfer, and the marketing lessons he learned along the way.

Welcome to episode 164 of the Marketing and Finance Podcast.

We chat about:

  • Why Dan’s business operates from Tel Aviv
  • Why being in Israel has helped rapid growth for CurrencyTransfer
  • How CurrencyTransfer Started
  • Who Dan’s target market is
  • Developing the business - mistakes made and lessons learned
  • How Dan brought CurrencyTransfer to market

Who is Dan Abrahams?

Dan is the CEO of Brought up in London, he studied for a degree in International Business, which included a year in Australia. He met his business co-founder just after graduating.

They realised that foreign exchange is one of the last financial services sectors where the end customer doesn’t know the rules (for example all the fees and commissions) and decided to do something about that.

The business now has offices in London and Tel Aviv, and Dan moved to Israel a few years ago to take full advantage of the start-up environment out there.

Links and Show Notes.

For links to the books and apps mentioned by Dan, please visit for the show notes.

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