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4 Things You Should Have For CPM-Based Sponsorship Model
Episode 128th March 2022 • The PodCASH Show • Pod Kai Media
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Show Summary: "Preparing the necessary materials before doing your outreach will intensify your social proof and add more confidence to brand owners in investing in your show." 

In the last episode of The PodCash Show, I discussed the 3 different Sponsorship models. And if you listened to it, maybe you know by now which model suits your podcast to start the direct monetization campaign. 

And if the CPM-Based model suits your show best, then the next 12th episode is for you! 

Today, I share with you 4 things you should have to begin your CPM-Based model cold outreach campaign. I go into the importance of each material and what it really does to help you close a sponsorship deal from a brand you've been wanting to work with. These are the same things that we use & which helped us close a <5000 USD sponsorship deal for our client organically.

Have your pen and paper ready so you can take notes as we go. And if you haven't checked your podcast downloads yet, check it now to know if this episode is for you! Kindly share this with your friends, family, or clients if they are ready to monetize their podcast through CPM!

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • Podcast promise and goals establish common ground between you and the brand owner. It ensures that what you both do is for your listeners' benefit..
  • Always find the gatekeeper, the person in charge of the marketing department, so you won't waste your time reaching out to the wrong people.
  • Don't guess. Do in-depth research about the brands you are reaching out to.

Show Highlights:

Closing a <5000 USD organic sponsorship deal for one Pod Kai Media’ clients

Kai 2:09

  • They have a huge number of downloads. Their all-time downloads back then were around 500,000. That's why I already knew that it's something that we can maximize for CPM-based model sponsorship.

  • I shared it with them and created an action plan for them. Then we decided to do it. And for almost a month, we closed a sponsorship deal worth nearly $3,000, and we closed another one for almost $2000.

What does the Podcast Media Kit should have?

Kai 4:52

  • Who the hosts are
  • Podcast Promise
  • Goals for the listeners
  • Target Market Behavior 
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Podcast Downloads per episode
  • All time downloads
  • Reviews
  • What the next steps are 
  • Contact Details 

Keep track of your outreach

Kai 10:43

  • You have to have a tracker to put a label on each lead. Whether you have reached out to them already, it's the first follow-up, a second, or a third. So you know how effective your cold outreach is going or how ineffective it is because that's where you should be making adjustments.

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