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108. Enhance Your Health through Food with Dr. Mark Hyman #WellnessWednesdays
Episode 1089th June 2021 • Be Well By Kelly • Kelly Leveque
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Enough with the food wars! 

Dr. Mark Hyman, an internationally renowned leader in functional medicine, has found common ground between the vegan and paleo diets to create the “pegan diet”: a flexible set of food principles that help boost your body’s functionality. 

His program helps release us from the dogma surrounding biology, where we blindly follow extreme food trends without considering our personal chemistry. 

We discuss how constructing the food on your plate can boost immunity, reverse disease, and diminish the harsh effects of viruses. Plus, the practical ways you can address your food choices for yourself and your family, and how Dr. Mark Hyman puts his revolutionary food theory into everyday practice. 

You will learn about...

  • The science of creating health
  • How foods can fight viruses such as COVID-19
  • Purging your kitchen and constructing your plate consciously 
  • The connection between food and mood 
  • Feeding your children the right way 
  • His daily routine, food, and (occasional) vices 
  • Protecting the planet with our food choices


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