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Doug Haugh, President Parkland USA - The Most Dangerous Statement a Leader can Make
Episode 1431st October 2020 • The CEO Sessions • Ben Fanning
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E14: As President of Parkland USA, Doug Haugh, leads the financial, operations, and sales activities of Parkland’s business units in the United States. In addition to leading the existing business activities, he also leads mergers and acquisitions in the country as Parkland executes its strategy to expand its U.S. business.

Parkland is Canada's and the Caribbean’s largest, and one of America’s fastest growing, independent suppliers and marketers of fuel and petroleum products and a leading convenience store operator.

Previously, Doug was President and Chief Strategy Officer for Mansfield Energy Corp. and President of Mansfield Oil Company. He began his career at Exxon, and has also held senior management positions at H&W Petroleum and FuelQuest Inc.

He sits on the Board of Directors of BioBlend Renewable Resources, The Fuels Institute, Filld and the Job Creators Network. Doug was named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year and was named a Clemson Alumni Entrepreneur by the Arthur M. Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Clemson University. He was also named to the CIO 100 by CIO Magazine.

He has an MBA from the University of Phoenix, and a Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, from Clemson University.

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  • How moving around and traveling has informed Doug’s leadership style.
  • What Doug did to go from fearing public speaking to thriving on the stage.
  • How to combine big company experience with the entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Key advice for leaders who work in a controversial industry.
  • How Doug talks to his kids about their concerns about his industry.
  • The most dangerous statement a leader can make.
  • Why curiosity is the most important trait he’d instill in every employee.
  • Employee interview questions to test a candidate’s curiosity.
  • How leaders can foster the curiosity of others.
  • How the catastrophic cost of turnover adds up for his organization.
  • The first person Doug had to fire and why it was so memorable.
  • Doug’s big leadership aha moment.
  • The tool he uses to organize his professional and personal life.


Doug’s advice for anyone in a politically charged industry:

  • Focus on the customer.
  • Challenge yourself if you’re doing the right thing to improve.
  • You’re always subject to criticism no matter what you do.
  • Take that criticism head on.


“Leaders aren’t born; they’re built.”

“The most dangerous statement is…“We’ve always done it this way.” ”

“Dealing with change is a muscle you must exercise.”

“Your job as a leader is not your to-do list; it’s your team’s to-do list.”


Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek

Mindset, Carol Dweck



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