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12. Understanding Reiki, Energy + Chakras
Episode 1230th December 2019 • Healing Hormones • Nina Boyce
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Today I’m riding solo to share the practice of reiki with you! Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that I personally love for hormone balance, stress reduction, and energy alignment in the body. In today’s episode, I share what my first reiki experience was like—from seeing colors and feeling heat—and how this led me to become a practitioner. I teach you exactly what reiki is, how it can help with relaxation and promote healing, and what you can expect during a session. I also breakdown each of the seven chakras, and provide mantras and crystals to use for each one!

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We Chat About:

  • How reiki helped my anxiety
  • How energy is found in everything
  • What causes energy to get blocked or stuck
  • What the root chakra feels like
  • Crystals that help you root down and energize 
  • The chakra for emotions & hormone imbalance
  • High vs. low energy in a chakra
  • Using a pendulum


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