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Label-friendly texturizing with a breakthrough soluble rice flour – Podcast
15th October 2021 • SupplySide Stories • SupplySide Stories
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For brands looking to clean up product labels, soluble rice flour represents a significant advance. Traditional rice flours aren’t very soluble – nowhere near the fully soluble nature of maltodextrin. Cargill’s proprietary technology has provided a way to overcome this hurdle, with the world’s first highly soluble rice flour.

Our latest SupplySide Stories podcast addresses how consumer demand for recognizable ingredients continues to grow, pushing food and beverage manufacturers to seek alternatives to less familiar ingredients. Not an easy task. Until now, there have not been viable label friendly options that offer the functionality of maltodextrin. On this episode we delve into what was behind the development of Cargill’s latest addition to its SimPure® brand–soluble rice flour, and explore how this new solution delivers taste, texture and functionality similar to maltodextrin, with the added advantage of an easy-to-understand ingredient declaration.

Joining us is Shiva Elayedath, a senior technical manager for Cargill’s Texturizers and Specialties business.