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Rewilding Education
Episode 1111th September 2023 • The Wild Minds Podcast • The Outdoor Teacher
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Season 2, Episode 11:

My guest today on The Wild Minds Podcast is Dr Max Hope.

Max is Director of Rewilding Education, a collaboration which strives to find ways to make education wilder, freer, more grounded, and more consensual. They are co-facilitator of Call of the Wild, a Devon-based year-long programme which supports participants to develop personal and professional skills as well as igniting a soul-level connection with the living world.

They co-lead The Lodge, a self-directed, consent-based learning community for home educated children in Herts/Essex which aims – not to rewild – but to support children and young people to stay wilded and stay connected in the first place. They also run Write On Changemakers, an online and in-person project which encourages and supports activists and changemakers to write.

In this episode we talk about:

  • We are going to discuss what does it mean to ‘rewild ourselves’?
  • When do people stop being ‘wild’? in the first place
  • What does it mean to rewild education?


Show Notes:

Music by Geoff Robb:

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