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How Maren and Christopher built a partnership and a business that supports the life they want
Episode 217th July 2020 • EMyth Client Interviews • EMyth
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It was a warm Friday afternoon at the end of June when we spoke to Maren and Christopher of Boothby Therapy Services, their child therapy services company in New Hampshire that uses their surname. They’d prepared us for the fact that they might be a little late to our call. They needed time to dock their boat—cheekily named “Headquarters”—in Chesapeake Bay after a day of sailing.

To look at Maren and Christopher, even over a Zoom call window, is to see a husband and wife very much enjoying their lives together. Seated close to one another in the cabin of their boat— smiles lighting up their sunkissed faces as they gush at length about their business, their team and their lives—you’d almost never believe that they’d ever been anything but successful. 

And, in part, that’s true. When Maren and Christopher started Boothby Therapy Services 20 years ago, business grew quickly. Too quickly, they said. With Maren operating as the sole service provider while also running and building the business with Christopher, there was little time for anything else. Their business became their lives. 

After the first three years, with demand continuing to grow, Maren was pouring more and more of her time and energy into working in the business—until it wasn’t sustainable. 

 “Christopher just looked at me and said, ‘We're not living like this anymore. This is over.’”

“I wanted my wife back.” 

And so they went to work on their business with their EMyth Coach, Ed Sinko. The result is a company of over 100 engaged and inspired employees that helps thousands of children in New Hampshire and Vermont every year, giving Maren and Christopher the freedom to split their time between their boat in the Northeast and their house in Nicaragua, where they support local children in receiving an education. We spoke with the Boothbys and their coach Ed about what it takes to truly systematize your business, and how to build a team that will give their whole hearts to your work in the process.