Strings of Time: 30 Years of Harmony with Tim Webster in the Connecticut Scene
3rd January 2021 • Musicians Reveal • Joe Kelley
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Step into the rhythmic world of "Strings of Time," where we unravel three decades of musical tapestry with Tim Webster, a seasoned artist who has left an indelible mark on the Connecticut music scene. Join us as we dive deep into the notes of his extraordinary journey, exploring the diverse styles and genres he has embraced over the years.

From the soulful sounds of "Don't Tell Daddy" to the bluesy vibes of "New York Border Blues Band," Tim has graced numerous stages, weaving his musical magic with bands like "Kimberly Bon" and "Back Flash." Discover the stories behind the scenes as he reflects on his diverse experiences with "East Brown Street Horns," "By Popular Demand," and more.

As a guitarist and vocalist, Tim's talents shine through, creating an eclectic mix of melodies that resonate with audiences. His current projects, "East of Cleveland" and "TKO Americana," showcase the evolution of his musical prowess. We'll also explore his contributions to recording and production, including collaborations with fellow artist Shannon McMahon.

Join us on a sonic journey through the Connecticut music scene, where every strum and lyric tells a story. "Strings of Time" is more than a podcast – it's a celebration of Tim Webster's enduring passion and the harmonious legacy he has built in the heart of the local music community.