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Big IVs Don't Hurt More | Bougie First!
Episode 146th April 2024 • JournalFeed • Nick Zelt
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The JournalFeed podcast for the week of April 1-5, 2024.

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Tuesday Spoon Feed:

This single centre RCT investigated the link between IV cannula diameter and how painful it will be to insert. 18G cannulas were not more painful nor more difficult to place than 20G cannulas across the spectrum of experience levels. Pain and insertion success rates being equal, patients are better off with cannulas that can accommodate higher flow rates.

Friday Spoon Feed:

In this systematic review and meta-analysis to evaluate the use of a bougie versus non-bougie approach (ie. stylet) in intubations of adult patients, a bougie-first approach significantly increased the rate of first-attempt success compared to controls. But what does this say about your intubation strategy?



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