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People: Everyone’s Business – with Sheila Lord
Episode 1724th June 2022 • Beyond The Water Cooler • Lisa LLoyd
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Series 2: The how to getting employee experience right.

Sheila Lord, Director of BMR Health and Wellbeing, joins me in this episode to explore the ISO 45003 and how it can benefit employee experience. 

The ISO 45003 is the first global standard that gives employers practical guidance on how to manage psychosocial risks to staff in the workplace, focusing on the “mental health” and “wellbeing” aspects of health & safety. It helps companies build a positive working environment that can help improve organisational resilience, and enhance experience, motivation and performance. It has become essential in a world where the lines between work and home are blurred; it is no longer an optional extra but a right for employees.

We unpick the ISO 45003 as an approach to use as a positive process for informing and enabling change. Included in our discussion is:

  • Adopting a holistic approach to planning for positive workplace wellbeing and employee experience
  • What the guidance covers
  • Company engagement with the ISO standard
  • Common psychological risks in the workplace
  • Debunking language and considering which terms are useful or a hinderance
  • Operationalising wellbeing

Sheila is a great person to speak to for more support getting to know and using the ISO 45003. If you're interested in exploring the themes of leadership, work culture, psychological safety, employee experience and mental wellbeing, why not drop me a line. I'm always happy to chat!

More about Sheila

When it comes to mental health in the workplace, Sheila, by her own admission, has learned from her mistakes. She saw first-hand how businesses and organisations weren’t taking mental health seriously and what a detrimental impact that was having on industry as a whole.

To tackle this head-on, Sheila started BMR and today the company leads the way in mental health support programme’s, all of which have a definitive return on investment.

Well known for her ability to ‘cut to the chase’, Sheila believes that workplace wellbeing isn’t just about fruit bowls and yoga and that you can’t simply magic away employee stress by ‘fixing’ people.

Links to contact Sheila:

LinkedIn: Sheila Lord BMR

Facebook: BMRHealthUK

Twitter: @bmrhealthuk



ISO - ISO 45003:2021 - Occupational health and safety management — Psychological health and safety at work — Guidelines for managing psychosocial risks

WEBINAR: Psychological Safety - It's Time for Change (

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Psychological Safety - It's Time for Change (


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Long working hours increasing deaths from heart disease and stroke: WHO, ILO

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