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How To Stay Organized as a Solopreneur
Episode 7119th April 2023 • Unapologetically Unstoppable • Jeanette Peterson
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A project management tool will help you stay organized and on top of your tasks. It can also help you streamline your processes, work, and collaborate with others more effectively. In this episode Jeanette wants to show you how she uses ClickUp, and inspire you to find the app that works for you, to achieve better time management, improved efficiency, and increased productivity.

Jeanette's favorite project management software is ClickUp due to its features, functionality and affordability, however there are many options out there and picking the right one for you is what matters to be productive and efficient in your work. It will be your centralized platform for task management, collaboration, and communication, so the user experience and overall satisfaction when you login to your platform will partially determine whether you stick to it or not. But rest assured that, when you find the one, it will help you stay organized as a solopreneur and be on top of your game.

In this episode:

  • How project management tools can help solopreneurs stay organized, improve their efficiency and productivity.
  • How teams of all sizes can achieve their goals and complete projects using a project management tool to delegate tasks, monitor progress, and communicate effectively.
  • Why ClickUp is a top-notch project management tool.

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Having a tool that keeps you organized is essential for a solopreneur because we've got so much stuff going on our mind already. We need to have a place that helps us be organized

Hey girl, hey, oh my gosh, I know, if you're like me, you've got a million things going on in your life. And you need to keep organized because you can't drop any balls, it's not going to be happening. So let me tell you what I use, I use a tool called clickup. Now click up is a tool that people use in order to organize all their stuff. It's like a project management tool. And it's great, it's great because I can put everything in there. Everything, if I can put stuff in there about my speaking business, about my course, bills business, I can put stuff about the podcasts in there, I can put stuff about my real life in there, like when the kids are doing this, and when the kids are doing that. And it just makes everything streamlined and easy. Because there's a simple place where I can go look for all my stuff, and it keeps it in there forever. It's got, you can have forms in there, you can have like a Word document, there's so many different things. And let me tell you one thing that I love, love love about clickup. It's free. I mean, it is free. Like, if it's just you and your solopreneur. It's free. So I want to tell you three things that I absolutely love about project management tools, and why you need them. Okay. So I'm in my clique up right now, I know you can't see me, but this is what I've got in mind. So I've got a couple of sections in here. And I use it for keeping track of all the admin stuff that I need to do. For me, admin stuff is something that I don't necessarily enjoy. So I've got a list in there, I've got a VA, and whenever I know that I need to do something, I will tell her to put it on my clicker, or she will say hey, after our weekly meeting, she'll say, Hey, I put this in your clickup make sure you do this. And she'll put the dates in there. She'll put when it's due, she'll put the urgency level on there. And it's so easy for me to just go in there when I'm scrambling or I'm homeschooling too. And I'm off track. I'm like, what is that? What am I even supposed to be doing? I just logged into my clickup. And I log into my clicker when I get to see all the things that I'm supposed to do. I'm like, oh, yeah, I don't, I don't need to forget that. Oh, yeah, this is gonna be great. Oh, yeah. So right now, in my admin, I'm gonna just tell you what's in there, get highlights from each transcription. So that means for me that I'm going to highlight all the transcriptions from the podcast, so I can make content from them. I am already making content. So why should I make it even harder by also trying to figure out what I'm going to post on the grams, I don't need to do that I've already created all this content, I need to repurpose it. And as I'm highlighting all the the juicy nuggets, then my VA will go and put them in the Canva document that I've already created. So she just has to go. Alright, that's one. That's another one. That's another one. And it makes it so easy. So when I'm ready to post, like a carousel, I already have content created. It's already there. I just have to do it. Which makes it a lot easier for my ADHD brain because then I don't have to like think about what I'm going to post how it's going to look. It's already there. It's already done. Podcast organ organization. Yeah, I'm really good at creating things. I'm not good at keeping things organized. So I need to go into my podcast folder on my Google Drive and just organize it, organize it how it needs to be. And another thing that I also need to do is send Meghan who's my VA receipts, because she's also doing some bookkeeping for me. So because she's doing bookkeeping for me, I want to make sure that I have everything in one place. I am not a good business owner, sometimes y'all and all my different entities have different cards associated with them. And I need to streamline them. So that's what I'm in the process of doing, because then it's easier. I just did taxes. And that was not fun. So I'm trying to get it. I mean, it is already second quarter, but I'm trying to get a streamline so that way, I know exactly what is going to be happening in the second quarter that I mean for the rest of the year. So that way, when it is tax time, I'm not sitting up all night looking at ones and zeros because nobody likes doing that. That's insane, right. So when you're in here, this this tool, you can have a team attached to it. So when she puts things in here, she does have a team like space, and she can also put stuff that's assigned to her so I know what she's doing and stuff is assigned to me. So I know what I need to do. There. We've also got our podcast person in here, Gabby, and Gabby takes care of all the podcast like the list of stuff we've got like a schedule we've got when needs to be here when it's to be there. And I just love it. So if you're a solopreneur and you know you want to do a lot of different things. then you need to have a tool that's going to help you organize all your tasks. Now there are some other tools. I started with a tool called Trello. And it's like a board system where you have these, like modules that you can move from one line to another as things are happening, and I really liked it. And there's a view and click up that you can also use what's called a board view. But I just like click a better because it's more comprehensive. For me, it's not just one, it's not a one trick pony. It can do things in and out. There's some other ones also, Asana looks a lot like clickup. I've never actually used it. But what I've seen, it looks basically the same to me just a different brand. And then Monday is what I've heard that big teams use. I'm not a big team. I'm a team of three. So yeah, so think about that. So when you are organizing your stuff, I really don't care what tool you use, but you need to get organized. And you need to be something that you're constantly using something that you constantly are going back to. I will say that with Trello I didn't constantly go back to it because it was a little confusing for me to use. And no matter what you use, make it easy for you. I've got a friend that uses a whiteboard. She just uses a whiteboard and she puts her top three things on there every day and that's what she does for that day. That's her process. I like tech because I can see it on my phone. I can be anywhere. That's just how I like to live. My life was with tech. I don't want to carry a bunch of papers around or remember which notebook I put it in because I got a new notebook for everything. So like I said, organize your stuff. You're a solopreneur you guys are act like a business owner you got this