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The Divine Breadcrumb - Carol Campos and Deb Sorensen EPISODE 59, 10th May 2020
Heart Lights, Hollywood, & Healing

Heart Lights, Hollywood, & Healing

Today we are talking with Author, Actor and Healer, Dee Wallace.  

Most of you know Dee best for her role as Elliot’s mother, Mary, in the 1982 Stephen Spielberg blockbuster, E.T. But aside from Dee’s prolific acting career, she is also an amazing channeler and healer, teaching her clients about self-creation and taking responsibility for their own lives. 

In this special episode, we talk with Dee about how she feels about E.T, (38 years later!) and it's long-standing impact on the world. Dee also discusses the interesting dichotomy in her life: starring in horror movies, but also helping people heal from fear. 

Dee shares some of her childhood experiences and how these moments shaped her self-esteem, affecting how she navigated her early adult life. 

Dee also gives us tips on getting out of judgement mode, connecting to Source, creating the life we deserve, her quest to live an authentic life and the power of love. 

Join us for this riveting and often hilarious episode!

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