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Firing Up the Phoenix Mother
Episode 3121st September 2021 • Divine Feminine CEO • The Uncorporette
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Do you know a Phoenix Mother? She's that smart, successful, high-achieving mom who had it all together....and then she had kids. And overnight, she goes from buttoned-up to soul-searching. Her body is more sensitive, she feels out of balance, and her job just doesn't do it for her anymore.

She knows who she isn't, but she doesn't know who she IS.

In this episode, we'll explore....

  • Why motherhood launches Phoenix Mothers into self-discovery
  • The real reason most Phoenix moms change careers or start a business
  • Her power as creative catalyst & innovator
  • Why Phoenix Mothers have to be especially careful to NOT get depleted
  • My #1 "power practice" for surviving as (and supporting) a Phoenix Mother

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