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A Trailblazing Victory in Rural Pennsylvania: Victor Pribanic Explains his $3.25M Verdict
Episode 149th February 2024 • Just Verdicts • Brendan Lupetin
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While there are certain venues you’d like to avoid, if possible, you just can't control where your client was injured.  Our clients deserve justice no matter where malpractice happened.

On this episode of Just Verdicts (formerly Trial & Medical Error), Brendan Lupetin interviews Victor Pribanic, a trial lawyer at Pribanic & Pribanic in Western Pennsylvania. 

Victor shares how he and his associate, Sherie Cannin, won the first medical malpractice verdict in McKean County, the different hurdles they had to overcome, and the role that his client’s personality played in the trial. Victor also talks about his philosophy and approach to trial, and why, after many years of exclusively trying cases alone, he now favors the team approach.

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Episode Preview

  • Victor’s early career and working in the DA’s office
  • Persuasion, believing you’re on the right side, and being truthful in the courtroom
  • Coming up with your own formula for opening and closing statements
  • Victor’s historic med mal verdict in McKean County, Pennsylvania
  • Cross-examining doctors
  • Jury perception of your client

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