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Alicia Johnston: Sodom, Leviticus and the sin of Ham
Episode 69th July 2021 • Enough Room • Dan and Jo
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There are two passages in the Old Testament that people often point to as examples of the Bible calling out homosexuality as sin. The first being the story of Sodom and the second being a law in Leviticus chapter 18.

But was Sodom really a city full of homosexuals? What is the law in Leviticus referring to?

In this episode Dan and Jo as they continue their discussion with Pastor Alicia Johnston and delve into the story of Sodom, the law in Leviticus and a surprising connection to another very famous story in the Bible.

Join them as they start in Leviticus and connect the dots from Leviticus, through to Sodom and all the way back to the days of Noah.

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