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121: Behind the Scenes of a Launch: Crushing $550K in Sales
Episode 12116th May 2023 • Burnout To All Out Podcast • Melissa Henault
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If you’ve ever felt the tense-muscled, headache-inducing, nail-biting stress that comes before a launch, you’re not alone.  The desire for success can be downright paralyzing.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Melissa knows and thing or two about getting the results you want without putting your mental and physical health on the line.  It all comes down to nurturing your audience, building your authority, planning ahead, protecting your energy and never forgetting the follow-up.   She’s breaking it all down in this episode!

Get the practical and effective strategy tips you need to take your launch to the next level.


Topics discussed in this episode:

  •  successful launches

  • conversion events

  • plan your launch

  • create authority

  • build community 

  • brand recognition

  • nurture email list

  • collaboration

  • marketing

  • pre-launch self-care

  • protect your energy

  • getting in the zone

  • testimonials

  • masterclasses

  • fortune in the follow-up

  • LinkedIn


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“Her energy is always refreshing. I love being able to apply her strategies to whatever my project is at the moment.”


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