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Productivity Hack: Get Unstuck & Get Things Done
10th May 2021 • Breakthrough Marketing Secrets • Roy Furr
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Today’s episode covers a productivity hack I’m using right now…

It’s so easy a kindergartener could use it.

In fact, it’s often used on kindergarteners to get them to do certain behaviors.

But it also works for adults, too.

Especially those of us who know exactly what to do, but can struggle from day-to-day to actually do those things.  (Because of stress or whatever other reason.)

People like me, and people like Amanda, whose Mailbox Monday question I’m answering today.

Here’s the question I answer in today’s episode…


How do you go from "knowing what to do" to actually frickin doing it? I have the hardest time focusing, which was never my issue until I had children. I’m absolutely capable, but distracted AF. It's not shiny Object Syndrome, it's not lack of want or desire to get clients, I just can't get over the hump to the next step for some reason.  

Resistance? High. Afraid of failure? Not really! So what is holding me back that I just can't see or explain or figure out? Does anyone else feel this way?

Way more than one question...thanks!



Check out today’s episode for a productivity hack for getting unstuck and getting things done...

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr