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Episode 437 – The Secret Marvels of the Mandalorian
Episode 43712th May 2023 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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Karen is back to talk movie lengths, trilogies, and streaming series. (0:32) How long is too long? How much filler is there? Does everything need to be a trilogy? Why are some movies final movies in a series split into two? What works better for a movie and what works better for a TV series?

We switch off to Star Wars and chat on storytelling in an ever-expanding universe. (11:24) What did Solo get wrong and what did Clone Wars get right? We also cover Ahsoka, Rebels, and break down the Mandalorian, as well as the upcoming Dave Filoni project and the bounty hunters of Star Wars. (39:31) Have you seen the Marvels trailer? How do we feel about the current possible Avengers lineup? We compare it to Fox's X-Men team. Do we need the Avengers when we have the Fantastic Four? What will Marvel Studios do with Secret Wars and which Marvel Comic will they be pulling from: the 80’s Secret Wars or the 2015 Secret Wars?

What do we know about the upcoming Deadpool film? (49:59) We talk about character rumors and just what we think it might be about.

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