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#016: How to Come Up with An Idea for A Digital Product
Episode 161st November 2021 • Talking Small Business • Kat Schmoyer & Megan Martin
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Today's episode of Talking Small Business is for the business owners out there who want to make a digital product to sell - or maybe already have one out in the world. Megan has built her whole business on the idea of selling digital products, so we've put her in the hot seat yet again. We'll be picking her brain about how to build a digital product that you're passionate about, but that your customers will also want to purchase.

  • Where do you generate ideas for digital products?
  • Why looking inward should be your first step when creating a digital product
  • A permission slip and a reminder that you don't have to sell a product forever
  • The "Selling your sawdust" approach
  • How to let others inform you what you should create without having to ask the whole world
  • Why you should brain dump every single idea you have about what you could create/teach
  • The reality of passive income
  • How to know whether it's your product or idea that might need course correction
  • Tips to stay focused on the product you're creating in that moment
  • Why starting a shop right away might not be the best idea


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