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In the spotlight with Niki French from Puptalk
Episode 12323rd June 2022 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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What happens if your pet business goes VIRAL? Niki French from Puptalk knows all about it.

Earlier this year she launched her first #Dontwalkyourdogday and it reached millions of people all over the world..

Niki, a dog trainer from Twickenham in London, is author of the book Stop Walking Your Dog and created the awareness day to shine the spotlight on her book.

She pitched it to the press and her story was picked up by over a dozen outlets, leading to hundreds of thousands of posts and discussions on social media.

Niki has featured in the Times, Mail on Sunday, Daily Express, Mirror, Sun, Daily Star, LadBible and on the radio and TV in Australia! 

In this episode, Niki shares her advice on how to put your pet business out there, the impact of being in the press and how to cope with being in the limelight.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

2.22 - How Niki became a dog trainer aged 50!

5.07 - Fulfilling her lifelong dream of having a dog when she adopted Bodie from Battersea.

10.04 - Starting out her new career as a dog walker and how this helped her develop as a trainer.

11.24 - Coping with the pandemic just a year after she started her business and how Niki was able to take her training online.

13.51 - Starting a membership to support her clients in lockdown and how she adapted to online.

17.54 - What helped Niki to grow her business fast.

19.19 - Niki's book Stop Walking Your Dog and how she came to write it.

22.31 - What inspired Niki's book and encouraged her to go against the grain and the impact writing it had on her business.

29.16 - Going viral with her awareness day, Don't walk your dog day on March 27th.

34.21 - How that led to selling 700 copies in just one month.

36.08 - Support Niki has had from other pet professionals.

40.01 - How her exposure has helped her slay imposter syndrome.

43.01 - The impact of consistent press coverage on her business.

45.17 - Niki's PR tips for pet businesses who want to approach the press.

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