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The Problem With Starting Fresh Monday
Episode 19019th April 2022 • Real Life Weight Loss • Corey Little
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Have you ever said - “Oh, I’ll just start fresh on Monday”?

Have you ever been on a diet, royally screwed up, fallen off the wagon, and then . . . 

You just trashed that week and planned to start over fresh, with a clean slate? 

If so, don’t worry, it’s not just you. This mentality is very common. Which is unfortunate, because it can also be crippling. This “start fresh Monday” mentality can really screw up your chances for long-term weight loss and health success. 

In today’s episode, I explain …  

  • Why  “starting fresh on Monday” is a total lie
  • The 1-2 punch that falling off the wagon causes
  • The difference between fresh start mentality vs truly changing your lifestyle
  • Why we must look deep into our weight loss “black box”

And I wrap up with 3 specific steps to help you overcome this problem and actually move toward true, life-changing success with your body.