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Building Teams with TEAMES & CO - TEAMES&CO EPISODE 33, 22nd July 2021
A Conversation with Jon Jones
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A Conversation with Jon Jones

In this week’s episode, Tracy and Mike interview Jon Jones, the president and CEO of Anthroware. Anthroware’s mission is to untangle the complexity in routine workflows by creating digital tools that automate, streamline, and simplify processes. Anthroware believes that software doesn’t have to be hard to use, and business doesn’t have to be complex; your team can stop worrying about busy work and get back to what they love to do.  

Show Highlights:

  • Jon discusses the evolution of Anthroware from an execution-based tech shop into a comprehensive product studio, go-to-market, and strategic consultant with their customers who range across a breadth of industries (2:30)
  •  Jon shares how Anthroware segments their customers based on their problem types, active vs. passive; latent vs. one with a defined solution. The group discusses how leaders should “filter out” potential clients based on fit with the strengths of your firm (6:45)
  • The group discusses how to entrepreneurs should discern between “what they want” vs. “what the market demands” (18:30)
  • Jon shares the process of defining a strategic vision both with Anthroware clients, and with the Anthroware internal team (33:40)
  • Jon speaks to the research arm of Anthroware that allows them to be a strategic partner for their clients based on a strong understanding of the attitudes and beliefs of customers through “bottom-up value creation” (49:40)
  • Jon shares where listeners can engage with Anthroware (1:05:30)

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