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Real Cannabis Help For Real Heroes Suffering from Opioid Addiction (ft. HeroGrown) | Cultivate Ep. 09
Episode 923rd July 2018 • Cultivate • Boveda Inc.
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Hosted by: Boveda’s Drew Emmer and Scott Swail

HeroGrown provides hope and tangible help for millions of veterans and first responders who want to use cannabis to kick addiction to prescription painkillers and other drugs.

Army veteran and former law enforcement officer Roger Martin founded HeroGrown (formerly Grow For Vets) on Memorial Day 2014. The nonprofit provides much-needed cannabis-related resources to veterans of the Armed Forces and everyday heroes, like firefighters and police officers.


Who is Roger Martin and what is HeroGrown? (1:45)

Why did Roger Martin, a veteran, turn to cannabis? (2:50)

What were Roger’s immediate results after switching from oxycontin to cannabis? (3:53)

Drew asks Siri what the humidity is in Henderson, Nevada. (7:18)

Why HeroGrown is getting more politically active in 2018. (11:25)

What Roger says to people who don’t think cannabis is a valuable alternative for veterans. (16:03)

What can cannabis activists do to amplify their voices in their city/state? (20:00)

Why “first responders” are also included in the HeroGrown mission. (24:00)

How large is the demand for relief via cannabis among veterans? (26:27)

Thank veterans for their service. No, REALLY thank them. (29:23)

#AskBoveda (Instagram) (36:25) Does Boveda absorb terpenes? No. Boveda absorbs only water vapor. Boveda is 2-way humidity control for cannabis. Boveda acts as a desiccant and humidicant. This means Boveda pulls moisture away from flower as well as adds moisture to flower to maintain an optimal relative humidity level that helps cannabis hold on to its terpenes.




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