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Accountant, The Credit Union, & Your Member
Episode 5316th April 2024 • Credit Union Conversations • Mark Ritter
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Nolan Bradbury joins Mark today to talk about the relationship between lender, accountant, and member. Also, what is the best way to manage debt load? What does the conversation look like between accountant and business owner when they talk about lenders? Nolan and Mark look under the covers to talk about what lenders should know.


  • [1:52] Nolan shares his professional journey and how his firm is dedicated to helping small business owners succeed 
  • [5:16] Nolan gives his perspective on carrying debt as a small business owner, and he discusses lines of credits
  • [9:55] Nolan advises what people should be looking for in a financial institution based on their needs and the support they are seeking
  • [15:19] Discussion of the requirements and covenants of the loan documents and why they should be read and understood
  • [19:41] Nolan describes his favorite clients
  • [23:15] Nolan outlines what he wishes lenders knew and would do differently 
  • [27:42] Nolan shares his contact information


  • Carrying debt as a business owner is a cost-effective way to scale a business without giving up control or equity. Being smart about debt is critical.
  • Getting a line of credit is easier when you don’t need it, but be wise in how you use it. 
  • Not all lenders are the same. Some predatory lenders will take advantage of the relationship or the small business owner.


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BIOGRAPHY: Nolan Bradbury

Nolan Bradbury is the owner of Bradfield Accounting in Washington state. He consults with business owners nationwide on how to maximize their business results and manage their finances.





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