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19. ADHD Mum Fails and my big WHY I do this podcast.
Episode 1928th June 2023 • ADHD Mums • Jane McFadden
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A LOT of listeners have been asking for a 'Day in a Life of an ADHD Mum' however I haven't had anyone keen as yet.

I've gone through a few days of my life to shine a light on inattention and how it presents in full families of inattention.

- Jane talks openly about her severe depression in her teenage years and how that has lead to her wanting to raise awareness

about what ADHD looks like in young girls, if they can get the right treatment and medication perhaps it will change the incidence

in suicide in teenage girls.

- Jane talks about a friend's inattention who under pressure couldn't find her keys in a very inopportune moment

- ADHD Mum's have not just a bad day, they have a series of unfortunate events every single day.

- Jane either has 150 tampons or none and then immediately loses the box she just bought.

- We only had eggs to eat and had no gas bottle for 4 days.

- One of my kids lost his hat for the colour run in under 12 hours (10 of those he was asleep).

- Mum guilt and school holidays.


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