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First Vision Accounts: The Best Kept Secret in Mormonism
Episode 9513th November 2023 • Mormon.ish • Rebecca Bibliotheca
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On another collaborative episode in The Gospel Topics Essays Series with The Backyard Professor, Rebecca and Landon dive into the Gospel Topics Essay, "First Vision Accounts." The First Vision account we all grew up with was the quintessential telling of the story and we never considered there might be other versions. And that was by design.

In this revelatory episode we discuss how each of the First Vision accounts differ, why no one seemed to know anything about any account until years later, how the church wants to spin the narrative that conflicting accounts actually make the experience more true, and more. As we read through the essay and dissect each part, a larger picture of a coverup begins to emerge.

The hero's of the situation are Jerald and Sandra Tanner whose unwavering scholarship forced church leaders to eventually admit that more than one account of the First Vision existed and had been kept from the public. Some of this information can hardly be believed as we explore each twist and turn in this must-see episode.

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