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Supplementary Material 2: Dissident Dialogues, Bloodbaths, & Genocidal Debates
Bonus Episode22nd March 2024 • Decoding the Gurus • Christopher Kavanagh and Matthew Browne
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The adventure in formatting continues with the second Supplementary Material episode, in which we:

  • lament we don't command the same level of loyalty as Sam's fans
  • commend a noted sycophant for warning about idolising heros
  • assess the degree to which the "Dissident Dialogues" conference is anything other than bog-standard right-wing orthodoxy; and
  • reveal the TRUTH about Norman Finkelstein's angry ranting

as well as so many more opinionated meanderings, for those decent citizens who are willing to pay us the measly sum of $2 month so Chris doesn't have to do three jobs just to exist in this capitalist society

On this episode:

  • Sam Harris Devotees
  • Dissident Dialogues
  • Lex's important message about not worshipping idols
  • Trumpian Bloodbath & Media Criticism
  • Lex Fridman's Israel-Palestine Debate
  • Finkelstein vs. Destiny
  • Genocidal Debates

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