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Bob Babbitt: Breakfast with the man himself, part 1
Episode 13720th July 2022 • Inside Tri Show • Helen Murray
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Bob Babbitt's name is synonymous with the sport of triathlon. Bob did his first Ironman in Hawaii in the very early days in the early 80s and has been hooked on triathlon ever since, both as a competitor and on the media side of it too. He's passionate about sharing people's stories, he loves having Breakfast with the pros and he is passionately devoted to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, which he helped to co-found.

You'll hear

12:00 Why is Breakfast with Bob such a highlight for athletes?

It's a mutual respect and I feel some of my job is to share their stories.

17:39 Does Bob ever get nervous before interviews? Not really, as long as I'm prepared.

19:00 We talk about actor Robin Williams and how he got involved with the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

24:00 Are you a quiet person away from the mic Bob?

No, I'm a people person. I like to meet people, I like to find out what makes them tick.

27:14 Do you appreciate how instrumental you have been in the sport of triathlon and to get stories out there?

28:55 What would you say to the people who told you triathlon was a fad in the 1980s?

33:34 Why did Bob believe in triathlon so much?

38:04 Does Ironman care about professional athletes?

41:44 What do you think the future looks like for Ironman?

"I think it looks great. Just seeing this group of young athletes having immediate success, there are so many cool things happening. My one main concern is that too many people are doing too many Ironmans. My concern is that you look at Dave Scott, heart issues, Greg Welch, heart issues. so what happens with our athletes now who are doing 5 or 6 Ironmans a year for multiple years.

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