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Learn How to Erase Bad Mindsets as a Christian Entrepreneur — Mark Fenner
Episode 85th October 2020 • Eternal Entrepreneur—Equipping Christian Businesses • Joe Newton, Pierce Brantley — Christian Business Leaders, Kingdom Entrepreneurs
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Faith, Mindset, and healthy goals for Entrepreneurs.

Mindset matters. If you're a Kingdom entrepreneur or operate a Christian business, then how you think about your business is critically important. Your beliefs, your faith in God and self, and the way you set goals, all determine whether you will be able to have a successful company. Many entrepreneurs stop at just a good ideal, and because they don't have the right perspective, they don't gain momentum.

In today’s episode (0008) of the Eternal Entrepreneur, we speak with Mark Fenner about mindset and belief. Mark is President of Rise Performance Group. For more than 30 years, Mark has been inspiring CEOs, owners and their leadership teams to think bigger, act bolder and make an even greater impact on their company, its employees and their communities.

Show Notes: Main discussion points

  • How to identify and deal with limiting beliefs 
  • Knowing what your worth is (know your value) 
  • Building momentum in your business
  • Experience/Exchange/Everywhere
  • Culture and how to use it to scale

Episode Topics

This episode covers the topics of beliefs, sales, Christian business, entrepreneurship, marketplace ministry, faith and work, business as mission, confidence and money.

Resources Mentioned

To learn more about Mark and Scaling Up visit  

Calling: Awaken to the Purpose of Your Work – by Pierce Brantley

Scaling Up – by Verne Harnish

Good to Great – by James C. Collins

Who: The A Method for Hiring – by Geoff Smart, Randy Street

The Procrastination Equation – by Piers Steel

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