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The RE of Marketing - Steven Rick & Tim Elliott EPISODE 8, BONUS EPISODE, 29th October 2020
RE/BITE: 08 With Bertie Cordingley
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RE/BITE: 08 With Bertie Cordingley

In this RE/Bite I and Bertie discuss the heady world of start ups.

Bertie is a true entrepreneur having built and excited a business. Bertie now advisors companies and entrepreneurs who want to do the same.

This conversation is full of nuggets including.

  • Key KPi's: Acquisition Activation Retention Revenue
  • The startup mindset
  • The value of long termism

I'll leave you here with three tweetables form Bertie:

" Its better to regret stuff you've done than stuff you haven't"

" What is the metric that matters the most right now? "

" Figure out what your goal is ACTUALLY is and go from there"

You can find Bertie here www.bertiecord.co.uk and are encouraged to reach out and speak to him.

This was RE/Bite number 8, a short and chewy conversation , unedited and unfiltered with some interesting people.