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What is the 3rd Generation of business Rule? with Ryan Cote
19th June 2020 • The UnCaged™ Entrepreneur Heather Havenwood • Heather Havenwood | Haven Media Network
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What is the 3rd Generation of business Rule? with Ryan Cote

 Hey Leaders!

They say the percentage of a 2nd generation business owner, from family - RARELY succeeds. But what about 3rd generation? In this very colorful interview with 3rd generation digital marketing manager, Ryan Cote, we dig deep into what it is like to be a Millennial working inside of a digital marketing agency and with his many of his family members. I began to drill him, on what it was REALLY like to be a young man, building his career inside of a family owned business. 

If you are a Millennial or if you are looking to pass on your business to a family member, it is really worth your time to take a listen. 

Heather Havenwood

Ryan Cote Bio:

Ryan Cote (Cō-tāy) is the Director of Digital Services and Partner at Ballantine, a third-generation family-owned direct mail and digital marketing company based out of Fairfield, NJ. With Ballantine since 2003, a family-owned business started in 1966 by his great-uncle, Ryan now manages the growing digital marketing division. From lead generation to marketing strategy for small businesses, Ryan and his company rise above the get featured-quick schemes so often attributed to digital marketing. He loves to geek out on technical marketing talk as well as work with real-world business owners about growing their book of business in todays online world.