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TCP 060: Make Data-Driven Decisions For Your Restaurant
Episode 6018th October 2022 • The Tech Chef, Restaurant, Hospitality and Hotel Technology Business Podcast • Skip Kimpel
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It’s been a little while since we last spoke as I have been traveling around like a madman with client work and lots and lots of shows. I saw quite a few of you at FSTEC in Dallas. It was a great show this year and certainly loved the venue. There was tons of energy out there on the trade show floor…. I think everybody was glad that things finally seem back to normal. The networking was some of the best I have experienced at a conference. Between vendor dinners and cocktail happy hours, this proved to be extremely beneficial to most, from what I have been told by some of my collegues.

I think, from the sessions I was able to attend, one of the key takeaways is that the customer is still looking for change and their habits continue to evolve. Long gone are the days of what we considered conventional dining experiences. My advice to all of you is to stay on top of the current trends, evaluate them if they are a trend or a fad, and move forward, full force before you are the one that is left behind. Okay, I’ll step off my platform now.

Today’s guest on this show has been a dear friend for quite some time. For some reason, we always “clicked” and I love nothing more to run into him at a conference so we can hash out the newest trends and also discussing how we can make our industry better. I really wanted to do an episode on real life data warehousing, data pipes and of course, visualization of that data. When I replayed back my history of conversations about these subjects, well, none other than Sterling Douglass came to mind. Sterling is the Co-Founder & CEO of Chowly, a leading point-of-sale integration company that enables restaurants to expand and maintain a diverse set of off-premise capabilities.

Today Chowly processes over $1 billion in orders annually for its 12,000+ restaurant partners. With a focus on lean start-ups and building a business from scratch, Douglass thrives in environments defined by ambiguity and takes challenges head on while designing creative solutions to the hardest problems. He has a natural ability to grow a team and develop processes that are distinctive and unparalleled. Plus, his entire sales team could win offensive linemen of the year, just saying’.

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Next Week’s Show

Next week will be a show I recorded on the road recently at an NFT minting party for a mom-and-pop restaurant. Intrigued? I was, that is why I made the trip to the middle of the Midwest to see how they were going to pull this off. It is such a fascinating story that you would be doing yourself a disservice to miss next week’s show. I witnessed 90 year old’s minting their very first NFTs! Now I know you are hooked to see how they did it.