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In Conversation with Chris Kenworthy - Be A Better Leader
Episode 165th October 2020 • Be a Better Leader • Mike Chitty
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Chris is a coach who helps green changemakers get clear and focused. So they realise their true potential.

Some run their own business, others are freelancers, or employed. What they all have in common is an appetite for change. They’re ready to try something radical to put more soul in their livelihood, and finally bring that big unrealised dream to life.

In this conversation we explore a plate of smashed crabs - ideas that Chris wanted to explore as part of a conversation with me. But we spun off in all sorts of directions:

  • Lessons from blue chip leaders
  • Labels, boxes and people as pattern machines
  • The difference between management and leadership and how we locate them in ourselves
  • Spitfires, hypocrisy, the Tour de France and Welcome to Yorkshire
  • The role of curmudgeons
  • Echo chambers and tribalism
  • Listening to our world
  • And lots of reflections on human waste - Zizek and faeces