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Marketing Magic
Episode 32531st December 2019 • Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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Host Mallory Schlabach is a 10+ year marketing strategist that focuses on female-run service-based businesses and small businesses looking to grow their businesses sustainably. She is married with four kids between 4-10 (no twins!) If you aren’t making consistent money that you’d like, you need to look at marketing and her sister sales to nail your messaging, market, how you're attracting and converting clients and how you're turning it into an automated process. Join the conversation of other unapologetically successful women in her Facebook community The #girlboss Club.



Mallory did a GREAT job of establishing herself as an expert during the intro. I was really ready to hear her talk about how to map out a year-long marketing plan. The intro "chat up" was nice and very conversational. Her intro did a great job of establishing her, and who the audience is, and she was ready to get into the marketing plan (or at least I was). You did an ever so slight repeat that it was the end of the year (um, we know that - no need to mention it twice), and you decided to give us the back story of the process. You REALLY didn't need to do this as you did such and AWESOME job of establishing yourself as an expert. It added nothing to the credibility of the plan. Then you went into what we needed. OK, I got it - paper and pen - CHECK!.

You then went into the "three things you need to do first" and this again seemed like you were pushing the actual plan further away. You might've made the mental preparedness part of the process such as "Step one of the marketing map is to get your attitude in the right place" as (for me) it felt like we were (again) pushing the "how-to" of the marketing map further away (and we were close to seven minutes in).  For me, some of this could've been left behind.

It started off great, but I was ready for the marketing map and it just kept getting pushed further and further away. Now, I'm also not the target audience (I'm not a female entrepreneur). That may have something to do with it.

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