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Building Confidence through Movement with Venus Lau
Episode 818th January 2019 • This Thing Called Movement • Evolna
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Venus Lau is an incredibly passionate and accredited Personal Trainer and based out of L.A. One of the distinguishing elements that Venus brings to the table in her movement work is her emphasis on connecting Mind, Body, and most importantly, FUN! She brings so much humor and joy into her online presence, her programs, and all the various communities she engages with, helping make fitness and exercise accessible and fun for everyone. I am so honored to be able to share our conversation with you all, and hope you enjoy listening in as we unpack Venus’ many perspectives and experiences with movement. 

To connect further with Venus and learn more about her work, you can head over to her website, her Instagram account or check out her movement program, Strength and Flow!


Strength and Flow Program

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