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How We Navigate GROWTH PAINS and Seasons of CHANGE as a Couple
Episode 349th March 2022 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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How we navigate GROWTH PAINS and seasons of CHANGE as a couple

In today’s episode, we are talking about NAVIGATING the resistance that comes up inside our relationships, especially as we are moving into NEW and uncharted territories together.

This can look like many things.

  • Launching into New Careers
  • Moving to New Environments + Home Bases
  • New Adventures Calling us
  • New Visions over our Life's Work

 Maybe ALL are happening at the same time!

It’s IN these moments of transition, that SO many things come up for us as we are being STRETCHED as individuals, as a couple.

Before we know it, we might be experiencing:

  • Frustrating Communication (or lack of it)
  • More Misunderstandings than we are used to
  • Doubts + Fears + Insecurities popping up
  • A Lack of Clarity on where we are and where we are going
  • Impatience + Irritations + Judgment

We may be wondering WHAT on earth is going on here?!

In today's episode I share our own personal call to adventure right now, where God is leading Mark and I in this season AND the “Stuff” that has been coming up in the process!

Yes, I am human and yes I absolutely get impatient, tired, cranky, overwhelmed and exhausted at times. 

The UNKNOWN is not always fun and does not feel good most of the time:) and yet it’s WHAT I am created for! I THRIVE in these spaces and new levels of depth = new levels of RICHNESS in our life.

Today we UNPACK

  • The great UNKNOWN - Call to Adventure
  • What comes to the surface when the plates are SHIFTING and things are re-aligning in our lives
  • What is ALL this tension about anyway?
  • What NEEDS are we seeking to get met?
  • How I addressed my frustrations, found my center and got back into integrity + FLOW
  • Stretching into the NEXT Level of Trust



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