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Camille Rodriguez (Kitchens and Resistances)
Episode 224th October 2022 • All Your Days • James O'Brien
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Just before the pandemic, there was this restaurant, our neighborhood local. Chef Camille Rodriguez ran its kitchen, and she kept us well fed, well poured, and just plain happy at our end-of-the-bar dinner spot. Then, when the quarantine locked down New York, Chef Camille transformed her talents into a lifeline for those of us stuck inside. From her apartment kitchen, she emerged with a full bistro menu, lovingly cooked with the help of her tiny team. In this episode, we dive into how she managed to stay alive, stay creative, and thrive as a food person in a world where hospitality and breaking bread went on hold. Lot’s more, too: Late starts at the cooking career, equity in the kitchen, and traveling to learn what people eat. A feast!



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