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5. What is Orgasm?
Episode 525th June 2021 • The Orgasm Coach • Michael Charming
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Welcome to another episode of The Orgasm Coach brought to you by Charming Love. I am your host, Michael Charming, The Orgasm Coach, Sexual Healer, Relationship Expert, Bodyworker and Author and this is the podcast for experts where we help people to liberate their sex and orgasm and transform the relationship and life towards happiness, bliss and pleasure. If you would like understand deeper meaning of human body and learn how to have more orgasms in your life, then check out my book, Amplify Your Orgasm. It's for both women and men and offer practical tips on who all of us can have more of what we desire rather than spending a large part of our lives running around it.

In this show some of the aspects covered are:

  • Some personal facts about my life and my orgasmic journey
  • What other people think an orgasm is?
  • What does it take to Amplify Your Orgasm and become a multi-orgasmic being?
  • The interrelation between human body and energy of orgasm
  • How can we move away from boring and repetitive orgasms to experiences of multi-facets, multi-flavor of orgasms?
  • We will get to understand what role do muscles, blood and nervous systems play in us feeling nourished
  • What is the difference between brain and mind and how we can transcend to higher channels of experiencing orgasms through use of different energies in the body
  • How we can move away from fucking some physically to fucking their mind?
  • We will also get to know the differences between emotions and feelings
  • What role does sensations play in making our relationship feel hot and sexy?
  • What role do spiritual elements relating to desires, fears, religious beliefs and the nurtured relationships play in deepening our orgasms?

To find out more about our work or for any questions, information, feedback contact us through our website or through Instagram. To know more about orgasm, get a copy of your book, Amplify Your Orgasm

Disclaimer: This podcast is for educational and/or entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.