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Long-Term Allergen Support: Amrit & Triphala, The Ultimate Rasayana
Episode 43rd August 2021 • The Pulse with •
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Long-Term Allergen Support: Amrit & Triphala Super Herbs

30 min.

With Shawn Diddy and Śankari Wegman

If you listened to our last 3 episodes in this series, you’ve learned some natural, effective Ayurvedic strategies to help ease your discomfort in the short-term through diet, lifestyle, and herbs. But what about the long haul? Is it even possible to totally eradicate airborne and digestive sensitivities?

We think so! But, as with everything in Ayurveda, it all depends on your individual constitution and lifestyle. In this episode, we’ll share our number one secret for strengthening digestion and immunity long-term—the best way to alleviate discomfort.

Join Shawn Diddy and Śankari Wegman and get the scoop. You’ll learn:

How working on your digestion and immunity, long-term, can dramatically reduce your response to common triggers like dust, dander, and certain food sensitivities.

All about Amrit Kalash—the ultimate Ayurvedic super-antioxidant, and how it helps to shore up your immunity more than 1,000x better than vitamin C

The Vedic history and modern science behind Amrit Kalash—what the ancient Vedic texts said thousands of years ago, and what doctors and research scientists are discovering now

All about Triphala—another awesome, traditional Ayurvedic formula. This one’s made of three synergistic fruits that tone and strengthen the digestive and GI systems, for better assimilation and immunity.




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