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The Veterinarian Success Podcast - Isaiah Douglass EPISODE 4, 12th May 2019
#4 Dr. Sarah Fallaw, PhD - The Science of Building Wealth
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#4 Dr. Sarah Fallaw, PhD - The Science of Building Wealth

My guest on today’s show is Dr. Sarah Fallaw. Dr. Fallaw and I’s discussion centers around her and her fathers work in The Next Millionaire Next Door. We discuss her interest in psychometrics and that’s what helped her look at wealth building as an area of interests. The challenge of veterinarians and doctors in general in building wealth. The self-limiting beliefs we often put on ourselves unjustifiably. The lack of financial literacy many people receive throughout their lives. The impact our parents have on our concepts and ideas on wealth. The best way to demonstrate and teach children about good financial habits. Finally, be sure to listen to the end where she talks about the role of communication in building wealth. So with that introduction join me as we discuss all things wealth building with Dr. Sarah Fallaw. 

Datapoints: https://www.datapoints.com/ 

The Next Millionare Next Door: https://www.amazon.com/Next-Millionaire-Door-Enduring-Strategies/dp/1493035355 

Abigail Disney Interview Link:  https://www.thecut.com/2019/03/abigail-disney-has-more-money-than-shell-ever-spend.html 

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