Finding Success as a Minority with Paty Villegas
Episode 12429th November 2021 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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Finding a successful career is no easy feat, and you are bound to run into more problems as a minority in the United States.

Join me in this week’s episode as we are once again joined by Paty Villegas, where she will discuss how we as minorities can gain the confidence needed to unleash our full potential and succeed. 

Paty knows all too well the struggles that minorities exclusively face in finding their place in the world, so she wants to extend her hand and equip us all with the best tools and tricks to get there.


>> Why Paty started her business 

>> Being a latina entrepreneur

>> Why minorities struggle 

>> How being a minority affects career satisfaction   

>> How Paty helps her clients 

>> What motivates Paty 

Connect with Paty

>> Website (

>> LinkedIn (           

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