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Episode 10: The End of the Beginning
20th July 2016 • This Is WholeLife • WholeLife Church Media Productions
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Welcome to Episode 10 of :15 with Andy, Randy, and Jeff! This week we welcome Florida Hospital President and CEO Daryl Tol! The discussion circles around the path we are all on as Christians as we often misinterpret the beautiful freedom of the narrows and instead embrace the struggle of the unconstrained wide open spaces. Stay until the end to find out who our guest speaker will be this upcoming week, and possibly in episode 11. Don't miss it!

Join us each week on Wednesday as we take a look back at the prior weeks message for unique takeaways, added perspective, and a peek at the upcoming message at the Florida Hospital Church. To find the message discussed, go to our website at; and use the Archives link under the Sermons tab.

We will take your email questions and comments at, and from our social media streams by using the hashtag: #fhcpodcast

Thank you for joining us and we will see you next week!

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