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Audio Branding - Jodi Krangle EPISODE 13, 12th February 2020
Interview with Creative Director, Monte Bowden - Part 1
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Interview with Creative Director, Monte Bowden - Part 1

Monte Bowden knows a thing or two about advertising and marketing. He studied Communications in college and then worked in a TV News station for years, rising in the ranks from intern to news director.  He also served as an adjunct professor in communications at his alma-mater.  Monte joined AMPERAGE as a communications strategist, leading PR efforts for agency clients. And with his well-rounded background in storytelling, video production and management, Monte has worked in a variety of roles there.  He currently serves as a Creative Director - and is someone I've had the absolute pleasure of working with for many years now.

In the first part of our conversation, we spoke about a lot of different things, such as:

  • How he developed his love of sound, starting with radio - and how it influenced the college he chose
  • How radio led to working at a TV news station, learning a lot about video, writing, producing and managing
  • How he started working with Amperage (hint: it had to do with a chance meeting in a grocery store!)
  • The differences and similarities between working in TV News and working at an Ad Agency
  • The use of wireless mics in the newsroom - and how that transformed the storytelling
  • How storytelling factors in to his work now
  • Emotional decision making
  • How sound might best be used in fundraising and in advertising to draw someone in
  • How everything works together - sound effects, good scripts and SILENCE
  • Where music fits in (and how it should be thought of early in the process rather than later!)
  • A case study about how he and his team came up with an ad for a hospital
  • How technology would change the development of a commercial like this
  • The story behind the NBC three note "audio branded" tone
  • How sound can be described in writing - and how much more effective that can make it
  • Designing sound for advertising

You can find more information on Monte and Amperage on their website at https://www.amperagemarketing.com and on Facebook at https://facebook.com/AmperageMarketing.

This episode was very skillfully made to sound beautiful by the talented Humberto Franco (http://www.humbertofranco.com/).

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