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Loving the Christ-life! - WRLitzman Grace Media, Inc. EPISODE 13, 30th May 2020
Ephesians 2, Part 3

Ephesians 2, Part 3

The Final Gospel For The First Time

By Tammy Lacock

What does it mean when Warren Litzman says people are hearing the Final Gospel for the first time? 

Well, first we must define what is the Final Gospel. It can be found in over 146 verses throughout the New Testament but most consistently in Paul’s epistles because it was revealed to him directly by Christ Himself. The Final Gospel is synonymous with the Grace Gospel because it is by the death and resurrection of Christ that we were led into what we now live in, the Dispensation of Grace. We are no longer under the law of the Old Testament, which states that we must do something to please God. In Grace, by faith in Christ alone as our Savior, we are blameless before God. The moment we believe, we are born again, a new creation, with Christ as our new life. No longer are we identified by our past (our former sin-nature); our new life is Christ. There is no separation between us and Christ. We are joined in one Spirit with Christ and, therefore, children of our Heavenly Father. It is the Final Gospel because in this Dispensation of Grace which we now live in, believers are on our way to the rapture and on our way to our Heavenly Father’s house. We must be born again to enter in!

This Final Gospel was revealed to Warren for the first time after many years of ministry. In 1960, when he was staying at the Peachtree hotel In Atlanta, his Bible opened up to Paul’s epistles and “like neon letters,” he saw verse after verse with the “In Christ,” “In Him,” “In you,” and "In whom” position. The Holy Spirit dropped into his soul this revelation knowledge. It opened up a whole new world to him, and he’s been sharing this truth to anyone and everyone who will listen ever since....to the ends of the earth! 

“And that he might reconcile both onto God in one body by the cross, having slain the enmity thereby: And came and preached peace to you who were afar off, and to them that were nigh” (Eph. 2:16-17, KJV)

Warren Litzman focuses on Ephesians 2:16-17. What does it mean to be “reconciled both unto God in one body by the cross?” 

Paul declared that ALL, both Israel (the Jews) and Gentiles, are under this Dispensation of Grace, and both can be saved by just believing in Jesus as Savior. By the cross, all might be saved. When Jesus came to this earth, He came as the Messiah to save Israel. They rejected Him. However, when He went back to Heaven, He gave the Final Grace Gospel to the Apostle Paul which included both Jews and Gentiles, that ALL by believing would be born again and become children of God. 

“Having slain the enmity” in verse 16 speaks of the reconciliation of Jews and Gentiles into one body, the Body of Christ. Paul said “in Christ,” there are no Jews, no Gentiles, no Greeks, no females, no males, no other identity other than Christ. Christ is all and is in all! We are not separate from Christ, and we are not separate from each other. As believers, we are born again and are children of God!

The Holy Spirit is revealing this Final Gospel to many for the first time. People are hearing it and passing it onto others in this final hour. It is happening and it must reach every last person before Christ returns!