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On-location Recording Tips (p2/2) - Getting the Best Out of Your Podcast Guests
Episode 1471st February 2023 • Podcasting Is Punk Rock • Josh Liston |
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Part 1.

On-location Recording Tips for Podcasters.

  1. Mention potentially noisy clothing and to avoid playing with jewellery and zippers.
  2. Mention potentially noisy drinks with ice, and water bottles popping.
  3. Have a solution to bring in remote guests to an on-location recording.
  4. Let your Guest know that there are some after-interview things you need (a quick photo, edit notes from the Guest, sign-off, etc.)
  5. Let your Guest know that Headphones are Highly Recommended and will make them sound better, and better for longer.
  6. Politely start taking the gear down after the interview, but don't rush your Guest and/or Hosts by frantically packing down your kit.


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