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How to Have Difficult Conversations With Employees
Episode 78th February 2023 • On the Up and Up • Kira La Forgia
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Even with the best training, resources, and management in the world, your employees will need feedback. Sometimes, that feedback is hard to give. Whether it’s telling them they need to provide higher quality work, you want to address their behavior, or you have to let them go… you will eventually have a difficult conversation with an employee.

I’ve been there and it sucks. But as an HR professional (and as someone who’s been through years of therapy), I’m sharing a few things you can do to make those hard conversations suck less for everyone involved.

We talk about: 

  • Why you can’t ignore difficult conversations
  • When to bring up an issue with an employee (Spoiler alert: ASAP!)
  • How to be a trustworthy manager
  • Why HR documentation is essential (It’s more than just a CYA measure)

I’m here to help you address issues as they arise, so you can avoid letting things fester in your team culture or in your productivity. Listen in if you need to have a difficult conversation with an employee or team member — without the stress and tears. 

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