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AI Alert: Are Robots Coming After Parking Operators’ Jobs?
Episode 228th March 2024 • All Things Parking with Dani and John • John D. Conway, Dani Crain
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Which cutting-edge innovations in the parking industry are worthy of our time and money? And which so-called innovations are just hoopla that we should ignore? 

In this episode, your hosts Dani Crain and John D. Conway do a deep dive into which innovations are effective in operations. Some of what they get into include:

* Innovation alone can replace the value of an operator’s knowledge and experience about the parking industry. 

* The shift from cash-based parking to digital payments with innovations like pay stations. Yet some operations managers still only accept cash. 

* Some operators want to be more innovative, but they don’t yet have knowledge about all of the various options.

* The difficulty operators face with not always understanding various parking technologies.

* Focusing on what a business is good at, rather than trying to be a jack-of-all-trades in the complex parking industry.

* AI in the parking industry.

* The lack of signage and directions at some parking garages. 

* Using technology to identify issues with parking payments.

* Using camera technology and behavioral data to improve pricing and enforcement, allowing for more seamless and efficient parking experiences. 

* The future of interactions between businesses and parking operations in mountain towns. 

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